Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament

Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament – Bernese Mountain Pet dogs are a genuine family companion. These are lovely, affectionate, easy-going, take well to children and are really patient with kids climbing around them. They may have the energy to experience all day, and can gladly flop down by the fire place for just a little rest and leisure with all of those other family. They have the desired effect with other dogs, are polite to strangers and sometimes think they may be lapdogs, despite their size.

Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament – Activity Requirements

Bernese Mountain Canines enjoy naps and rest as much as another dog, nonetheless they do need a whole lot of activity. They are simply a winter dog – their long jackets aren’t suitable for long, hot summers – and they’ll enjoy romping in the snow, and when possible, tugging children around over a sled. They aren’t apartment dogs; they want plenty of room and a garden to romp in. They’ll enjoy taking nighttime strolls with the family, and can happily trot alongside mom and stroller.

Socialization is vital with a Bernese, and it will start as soon as possible. They could be timid around new people and if indeed they don’t figure out how to allow strangers and new situations, they may become extremely timid and stressed.

Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament – Trainability

A confident, constant, but gentle side is necessary with this breed. While some men can be prominent, overall this breed is docile and really should never be cured harshly. They answer best to a lot of reinforcement and some treats. They could be stubborn and gradual to learn, so perseverance and a straight keel are essential for anybody training a Bernese Pile Dog. Despite their first stubbornness, they prosper in basic compliance training and can be graduated to advanced tips and agility.

Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament – Behavioral Traits

The natural shyness of the breed can result in stress and anxiety problems in adolescence and adulthood. Bernese puppy dogs should be socialized to simply accept new people and new situations as joyous incidents, rather than what to be feared.

Separation Panic can be common in this breed. They enjoy hanging out with people, and when left only for extended periods of time without proper exercise and activity, dangerous tendencies can form.

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