What Does Hypoallergenic Dog Mean

The word hypoallergenic dog is often used to make reference to a dog (or crossbreed) that is more appropriate for sensitive people than other breeds. However, dominant allergen experts have claimed that there surely is no basis to the statements that one dog breeds are hypoallergenic and, while allergen levels fluctuate among individual pet dogs, the breed is not really a significant factor.

While some studies suggest the possible lifetime of hypoallergenic dog breeds, there is certainly too much variability to summarize that such a breed is present. According to research workers, statements about the lifestyle of hypoallergenic dog breeds might have been fueled by unsubstantiated articles on the internet. In a recently available interview, Christine Cole Johnson, Senior Personnel Scientist at the Henry Ford Clinic & Health System, discussing the conclusions of her article in the July 2011 problem of the North american Journal of Rhinology and Allergy, discussed that it was unclear where in fact the name hypoallergenic dog originated from, and asserted that the lifestyle of such a breed was simply a misconception. The significant things that trigger allergies are proteins within the dog’s saliva and dander. Some studies have advised that the creation of the allergen, and for that reason human allergenic response, varies by breed, yet newer scientific findings signify that we now have no significant distinctions between breeds in the technology of these things that trigger allergies. One research found hypoallergenic breeds to have more allergen in their jackets than non-hypoallergenic breeds although there is no dissimilarities in the allergen levels in the air or on to the floor.


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