Dog Chains For Pitbulls how to choose

Dog Chains For Pitbulls – a number of pitbulls with heavy looking chains around their neck,some rumor says that people using weighted collars is this just people doing a cheaper way of strengthening the neck? quite a few of these owners seem questionable, we have major dog fighting issues in chicago, and one of the workers at our pet store claims this is used for fighting dogs but that has also been said about treadmills which we use all the time and not for fighting. is using a chain around the neck good for adding muscle and strengthening the dog or is it just cruel?

some people that fight their dogs do use Dog Chains For Pitbulls have be told but not all people that use tread mills fight their dogs. Tread mills are great for exercising your dog especally if you live in area where it is hard to wlk your dog because of lose dogs. don’t use that heavy chain around the dogs neck

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