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At Tom Garner Kennels have produced more entitled dogs and even more satisfied customers before 15 years than every other breeding kennel all over the world. The perfect APBT is described in the breed standard to be completely people friendly, sensible, steady, athletically superior and uncompromisingly game. Any mating goal that deviates from these ideals is flawed and allows the creation of inferior pets or animals. Tom Garner Kennels breed to a typical, not for a specific goal. Tom Garner Kennels believe faithfully mating to a proper reasoned group of ideals will finally better provide both man and dog.

Tom Garner Kennels program utilizes mating stock that is in control for a number of generations so that people can confirm that the gene pool we utilize is highly reliable at producing quality offspring. Tom Garner Kennels get started with an excellent gene pool, then meet up with the environmental needs in our pups within an equally competent manner. Nursing bitches and pups have the most medically advanced canine diet commercially available. We give food to CNI’s ( RF-1 and Nurture products. The majority of our customers call within a few days of obtaining their pups, requesting, “What are you feeding this doggie?” The first weeks pups bask in the heat of warmed whelping pads. At four weeks socialization commences with all pups getting good daily handling and love from the Garner kids. Pups lifted this way always have a particular connection with people, especially children. Nowadays of the PIT BULL TERRIER Inquisition, we should do all we can to ensure our canines are indeed Man’s CLOSEST FRIEND!

To get a doggie from Tom Garner Kennels , you may make a scheduled appointment and visit Tom Garner Kennels to make your own selection, or we can deliver to nearly every major airport on earth. Pups from our iced semen breedings from Frisco are no more available. Shipping and delivery by air takes a health license which costs $50, which is paid by the customer. Tom Garner Kennels accept major bank cards. Overseas shipments often incur additional costs. All pups purchased from us have a 3 season replacement assurance against genetically centered health issues. Tom Garner Kennels do display purchasers. If Tom Garner Kennels don’t believe that a puppy will have a good life along with you, Tom Garner Kennels won’t sell a puppy for you. We follow all federal, status and local laws and regulations and don’t sell dogs for just about any unlawful purposes.

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Tom Garner Kennels was located at 1017 Spike Rd , Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278 or you can diresct your google map gps location at

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